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Maurey Manufacturing

Maurey Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1917 as the Up-To-Date Machine Works by Eugene Maurey, SR. Early products, which included wheel locks for model-T Fords and woodworking equipment, soon evolved into the manufacture of steel V-Pulleys for industry.

The company was incorporated under its present name of Maurey Manufacturing Corporation in 1933 in Chicago, IL.

Joseph E. Maurey, eldest son of Eugene Maurey began his association with Maurey Manufacturing Corporation in 1935. In 1959 he was named president of the company; in 1991 he was named Chairman and CEO.

Parts Offered:

  • Light Duty Sheaves and Accessories
  • Split Steel Sheaves
  • Air Movement Sheaves
  • Integral H.P. Sheaves / Bushings
  • Timing Pulleys
  • Couplings
  • Variable Speed Drives GoodYear Belts