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Founded in 1946 in Southern California, Electra-Gear offers a unique, aluminum gear drive and motor product line, which is the most extensive of its kind in North America. Electra's aluminum products are a light weight, yet durable alternative to today's cast iron and steel models, and are available off-the-shelf or customized to your exact specifications


EL Electra Series Gear Reducers (Drop in to Old Design and Industry Standard Cast Iron Design)

  • Machined, carburized and ground worm shaft with mirror finish offers efficiency and quiet power transmission
  • Input/Output O-ring covers provide positive sealing
  • Non-compressible metal shims maintain factory settings and gear alignment throughout product life
  • Unique quill seal guard protects against input seal damage during motor installation
  • Double-lip seals provide increased life and resistance to high temperatures, abrasion and chemicals
  • Solid Aluminum Housing replaces the old Split Housing Design reducing potential leaks
  • Drop In Replacement to the Old Electra Spilt case Design
  • Modular design is interchangeable with most competitors Cast Iron Right Angle Reducers.