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EXTREME DUCK ULTRA Up to 10 Horse Power!!! - IN STOCK!!!

Hit it with your best shot.

There's a new, higher bar to cross in the washdown motor category, and LEESON just
raised it-again. Building on the success of the industry-leading Extreme Duck series,
we took it a giant leap forward with sealing enhancements you just won't find
everywhere. We're talking major improvements to the shaft seal technology to
handle installation in any orientation, a welded conduit connection to the stainless
steel body, and an exclusive vacuum epoxy encapsulation system that ensures
whatever is trying to get into the windings is effectively kept out.
Water, oil, cutting fluid-go ahead, give it your best shot. ---------

1. The new Extreme Duck ULTRA is rated IP66 for the most
demanding installations. 2. The O-ring sealed conduit box
protects non-wicking lead wires. 3. New, two-piece shaft seal
technology provides three points of protection. 4. For ingress
protection, the conduit box is welded to the stainless steel
frame. 5. Four bolts secure the Q-Car™ rotor cartridge
assembly to a dual O-ring seal design.

1⁄3-10HP, three-phase, c-face with base
1⁄3-10HP, three-phase, c-face less base
2, 4 and 6 pole
EPACT and NEMA Premium
IRIS™-Inverter-Rated Insulation System
10:1 constant torque
Full-fact nameplate, laser etched in the motor frame
Q-Car™ rotor cartridge design for quick access to the interior
Low-stress winding design
IP66 enclosure protection
Shaft grounding rings on 1⁄2-3 HP, 4 pole, rigid c-face
Enhanced encapsulation process
Non-wicking lead wires
Two-piece shaft seal with flinger
Color-coded motor leads
Chemical and abrasion-resistant lead markers
Welded pipe nipple at ingress on TEFC models
Conduit box rotates 360 degrees on TEFC models

Published Wednesday, August 07, 2019