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Speedmaster™ Plus Inverter Duty Motors 1000:1

LEESON's Speedmaster™ Plus line of inverter duty motors is an extension of their current inverter duty
products. The product can be used at 1000:1 constant torque in many precision type applications. Designed
for high performance inverter or vector duty applications, utilizing Vector Controls for open-loop or Volts/Hertz

• Conveyors
• Machine Tools
• Metal Processing
• Textile Processing
• Test Stands
• Encoder and brake provisions on opposite drive
end - precision operation
• Shaft grounding ring provided 182T frame
and larger
• High breakdown torque - maximum torque without
a drop in RPM
• Three year warranty - long lasting
• 1/4 thru 30 horsepower
• 3 phase, 60 hertz, TENV
• C Face with Base
• IRIS® inverter duty insulation system
• 1000:1 Constant Torque
• N/C Thermostats
• Ball Bearings
• Encoder provisions on non-drive end
• UL recognized, CSA and CE certified

Published Thursday, February 15, 2018